Greensboro Historical Society

Resources available at GHS building for review, research, browsing


Genealogy Files- Current and past Greensboro full-time and summer residents, some with detailed family history, trees.

Hazen Road Dispatch- All editions since 1977 plus Index and Titles through 2002.

Maps of Greensboro and surrounding areas from earliest to most recent.

Greensboro Authors’ Files- Includes biographical information and publication titles.

Photo Files- Many old and recent photos of Greensboro people, places, events.

Articles, newspaper clipping, flyers about Greensboro people, places, events.

Greensboro Census Data

Memorial Garden Albums- Includes obituaries.

Greensboro Cemetery Inventory

Greensboro Historical Society Newsletters

Photo Albums- 3 Volume “Old Folks” – Henry Merrill

                   Greensboro Historical Pictures- Henry Merrill

                   2 albums of Greensboro Pictures by Ralph Fisher

Greensboro Historical Society Annual Exhibit Albums

          Barns of Greensboro- 1995

          History of Greensboro 1781-1860- 1996

          Frances Day Lukens- Landscape Paintings- 1997

          Greensboro and the Civil War- 1997

          Greensboro Summer Community- 1998

          Greensboro Architecture- 1999

          Greensboro Country Stores- 2000

          Early Families of Greensboro- 2001

          Greensboro Authors- 2002, 2003

          200 Years of Greensboro Churches- 2004

          One Room Schoolhouses- 2005

          Palettes of Vermont- Greensboro artists- 2006

          Community organizations that shaped Greensboro lives- 2007

          Early Power and Tools in Greensboro- 2008

          Greensboro Bend- The village the railroad built- 2009

          A Child's Eye View of Life: The Children's Room Murals of Anne Mattill - 2012

          Toys and Games: Come Play With Us!  - 2014

Vermont Historical Society Journals- “Vermont History”

Lakeview Union School Monographs:

          Greensboro Then and Now 1999-2000

Dairy Farming-2001

          NEK Elders Remember- 2002-2003

Greensboro Town Reports

Greensboro High School Yearbooks

Lyles Newsletters- Bound

“Retreat to Vermont- An Architectural History of a Vermont Summer Community” Susannah Clifford Master’s Thesis

Memoirs and Histories:

          Jeanette Richardson Hill’s Memoirs

          Ferdimore Vogan Memoirs

          The Hill Family:  The Descendants of John Hill

          William Kelly Memoirs

          Hill Family Cookbook

          Aaron Hill Ledger (part one // part two-- files are 57 & 38 MBs

Hemenway’s Historical Gazetteer- Volume III Orleans and Rutland Counties

Child’s County Gazetteer and Directory- Lamoille and Orleans Counties

Phillip Gray Poetry- Several books