Greensboro Historical Society

Cemetery Survey - 2013

Dr. Virginia Jenkins has re-surveyed the five Greensboro cemeteries.  She has added information on people buried since the last survey was completed (in 1980), and corrected some errors in those previous surveys.  The information here is the most up-to-date available as of August 2013.  GHS, of course, thinks it's correct but would appreciate your telling us about any errors you spot.

Here's How to Use This Site:  The cemetery links below take you to pdf files that list the cemetery plots for the five cemeteries in Greensboro:  Baker, Lincoln-Noyes, McLaren, St. Michael's, and the Village cemetery.  The "Cemetery Index" file gives the cemetery location and page number for the plot listing.  The index entries are in alphabetical order by tombstone name.  Each of the named cemetery links gives detailed tombstone information for each plot.

To search the database for a given name, open the Cemetery Index, find the name, note the cemetery and page number, then open that cemetery's pdf file and scroll to the given page.

You can download any of the pdf files to your own computer by right-clicking (control-click on Mac OS-X) the link.