"Tales From The Selectboard"

The Greensboro Historical Society's 2018 Winter Panel Presentation

The GHS annual winter meeting featured a panel discussion with selectpersons who have previously served on the Greensboro Town Selectboard. “The Selectboard” told stories of their time on the board, the humorous stories, and the difficult times. 

Selectboard Panel comprised: Marsha Gadoury, Larry Lumsden, Mike Metcalf, Tim Nisbet, Anne Stevens & George Young

When: March 4th (Sunday) at 2pm
Where: Fellowship Hall of the Greensboro United Church of Christ

Left to right: (Front) Larry Lumsden, George Young, Anne Stevens, Tim Nisbet
(Back) Marsha Daniels, Mike Metcalf


Click on the image below to view a video of the presentation