Officers & Trustees

Back left to right: Lise Armstrong, BJ Gray, Nancy Hill, Erica Karp, Martha Niemi
Front left to right: Wilhelmina Smith, Janet Long, Clive Gray
(missing: Barbara Brooke) 




  • Wilhelmina Smith and Nancy Hill, Co-Presidents
  • Barbara Brooke, Secretary
  • Clive Gray, Treasurer



  • Erika Karp
  • Janet Long
  • Martha Niemi
  • BJ Gray
  • Barbara Brooke
  • Lise Armstrong


Committee Chairpersons

  • Wilhelmina Smith, Acquisitions
  • Clive Gray, Building
  • Gail Sangree, editor, Hazen Road Dispatch
  • Erica Karp, Membership
  • Jenny Stoner, Program
  • Martha Niemi, Volunteers
  • Lise Armstrong, Researcher
  • Kyle Gray, Website
  • Kyle Gray & Lise Armstrong, Facebook