Officers & Trustees

Back left to right: Lise Armstrong, BJ Gray, Nancy Hill, Erica Karp, Martha Niemi
Front left to right: Wilhelmina Smith, Janet Long, Clive Gray



BJ Gray, President
Erika Karp, Vice-president

Jenny Stoner, Secretary
Lise Armstrong, Treasurer


Class of 2022

Paula Harmon
Amelia Circosta

Class of 2023

Martha Niemi
Mark Snyder

Class of 2024

Debbie Kasper

BJ Gray

Honorary Trustees

Nancy Hill
Wilhelmina Smith
Clive Gray
Janet Long

Committee Chairpersons

Wilhelmina Smith, Acquisitions
Gail Sangree, editor, Hazen Road Dispatch
Nancy Hill, Membership
Jenny Stoner, Program
Martha Niemi, Volunteers
Lise Armstrong, Maintenance
Kyle Gray, Website
Kyle Gray & Lise Armstrong, Facebook