“The Hippie Era in Greensboro”

The Greensboro Historical Society's 2015 Summer Panel Presentation

The Annual Meeting in Fellowship Hall mirrored the VT Historical Society’s exploration of the 1970’s — To quote their website “Many of the features that are today considered quintessentially Vermont –- its politics, its local food movements, and its offbeat culture -– have their origins in this period of recent history.”

At our annual meeting, August 10, at 7:30 in Fellowship Hall, we invited our friends and neighbors to share stories of this period in the history of Greensboro and its neighboring towns.

“The Hippie Era in Greensboro” featured Elka Schuman of Bread and Puppet, David Allen of Hazendale, Judy Carpenter (retired local teacher), and Chip Troiano (local representative to the VT legislature) as they discussed the “counter-culture years” and entertained the audience with tales of their back-to-the-land exploits. Panel members discussed homesteading, the local food movement and agriculture, the protest movements and how they shaped northern Vermont and how we live today.

How did the counterculture originate in the society of the time? How did the 1960’s affect the 70’s? Were you living here then? Did you consider yourself part of this movement? Were you an observer of the vast changes happening around you? How did you participate? What was your role in the first food buying clubs, co-ops and farmer’s markets? How does Greensboro today reflect the lifestyles of the 70’s?


Moderated by Wilhelmina Smith
Panelists: David Allen, Chip Troiano, Judy Carpenter, Elka Schumann